Soup Cans Reportedly Leak if Placed on Side.

Warning! Warning!
This post contains little to no research and is purely just a story from my personal expirience.  It might not prove useful to read, it’s just a rant.  Have a neutral day.
Ok… This might be a bit hard to swallow… but while in line at a grocery store, I observed a customer harrassing a cashier with absurd requests.
The request was “Stand those cans up!  I don’t want them leaking in my car!”

So being myself, I nearly have an eyelid twitch listening to such stupidity…Seriously…What the hell?  How could soup cans possibly leak?  The cashier looked up and smiled at the customer.  With that kind of, “wow, you said something so stupid I can’t help but nearly laugh” kind of look.  The lady who requested her cans be stood up became slightly annoyed, as if her mind was just blown.  She had that look in her face like “How dare you question my methods and logic”.  It was about then that I was about to say something to her, but before I knew it the order was nearly over and I could get on with my shopping.  I must have not been paying attention cause I didn’t even remember the order progressing.  Probably because I was trying to contemplate the blatant stupidity that society exhibits, it seems.  

Little things like this I rarely care to analyze, but this one made me think… Hmm.  So soup cans, which need to be cooked at high temperatures in order to kill living germs and junk so it can be sealed and preserved forever (or almost).  If a can was open sitting on the shelf, it would expire immediately within an hour(by safety standards) and officially after a day or so.  At that point, it would make you horribly sick.  So lets see… If a can is leaking, which they can’t if they were actually sealed properly, that would mean it’s EXPIRED!  So WHY THE HELL would you think a leaking can is ok to eat or buy?  

And if the cashier assisted you in revealing a soup can which was expired by allowing it to leak… then you should be glad you didn’t eat it then!  Because IT…IS…EXPIRED!  YOU FUCKS!

So anyway.  I discussed it with the cashier after that customer left, obviosly, and after all this was over, I went home.

So yeah, my thought the rest of the day was “How do people who use such logic dress themselves in the morning?”  

That is all.  
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The New iPad? A Reason to Upgrade?

The following is merely a personal opinion and is not abundant in useful information or facts in order to make an informed decision. It is merely an personal view of mine and may not be useful or important for you to read. Thanks!

Alright, so to get started, I’ll say a bit about myself as an iPad user. I’m an iPad 1st Generation user and I have been using one since the iPad 2 was first released. My iPad is jailbroken, so I can install the things Apple didn’t think us users needed, like file uploading through Safari, bluetooth file sharing, ability to add songs to the iPod app without a computer, individual app locking, and various other useful things.

Oh, by the way, my cheapo Verizon phones from 5 years ago could send things through bluetooth…So iOS 5 is the most advanced mobile operating system according to Apple, right? Are they ignoring the basics??

So why haven’t I upgraded to another iPad ? The reason is not money, but instead the reason is the fact that I don’t see anything important in the newer versions of iPad that make me want to upgrade.

The only thing I would be getting is a faster device and a built-in camera. I thought about the camera bit on the newer iPads and whether that would be useful for me to spend the extra money.

So here are a few things to note:

With a jailbroken iPad 1, you can take pictures with any phone that has bluetooth and send them to the iPad through a jailbroken app. I can also send pictures from my iPad to other things. This program is called Celeste and is only available in the Cydia app store. This makes the camera in the iPad 2 and 3 unnecessary unless I wanted to use video calling on Skype or Facetime. I don’t exactly need to do such things. Another reason I don’t need to use a camera on the iPad is because, lets face it, serious picture taking on something as large as a tablet is somewhat laughable. Do they really expect me to hold my iPad up to take a picture of something? I mean, I suppose I could…but the iPad 2’s camera doesn’t even have auto-focus!

I’d like to apologize about the camera bit and be a bit more serious on that…Real estate agents might find the iPad and it’s cheap camera to be very useful for basic picture taking and might integrate well with their system. That’s pretty useful

But one thing I totally WON’T be doing is holding my tablet up to record a short movie. It would be both awkward and risky(in terms of dropping it)
Oh, by the way, why does iMovie only have the ability to edit videos shot on an iDevice? Talk about useless…

The iPad 2 is simply lighter, thinner, faster, and has a camera. I could personally care less about how thin the new iPads are. I also don’t need to worry about speed all that much because I don’t play games that require lot’s of 3D. So performance isn’t exactly an issue for my personal use.

The iPad 3 (or “the new iPad” as it’s called) is also a somewhat unnecessary upgrade for me from iPad 1. The reason? Simple, the only thing that has changed is it’s size, speed, and display. I don’t have a reason to upgrade to this because I don’t see this as being a “milestone” in the iPad series.

Now don’t get me wrong, the iPad 3 is an amazing accomplishment for Apple. The screen is amazingly crisp and clear. The resolution they achieved on such a small display is astounding.

So is the iPad 3 a huge improvement? No, but if you are new to iPads and have never owned one, grabbing the latest and greatest can’t really hurt! Also, I guess all you will be able to find in stores is the new stuff anyway…

I hope you were entertained. Thanks for reading!

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Tutorial: How to Un-Delete Any File on an SD Card, Flashdrive, or Hard Drive Containing FAT32/NTFS

This tutorial will show you how to recover a deleted file on your SD card, flash drive, or hard drive. The drive you plan to use must have a FAT file system, or NTFS file system. The program we will be using has many other features, but I’m only covering how to recovery deleted files on windows systems.

For those wondering, this tutorial works for deleted pictures/videos on camera SD cards.


Some Brief info:

The program we will be using is called TestDisk. It’s a completely free program available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. This procedure in particular is not all that difficult, but if not operated correctly, the program has the ability to screw things up. Please don’t play in any other features of TestDisk unless you know what you are doing. This is a terminal-based program. Which means it runs in the terminal of Linux/Mac, or “Command Prompt” of Windows. Although it only operates via keyboard, don’t fret! You pretty much use only arrow keys and command keys. It’s a fully guided menu and my tutorial will make things easy.

Note: I am using linux to perform the recovery. TestDisk operates and looks the same on all platforms as far as I’m aware, so don’t mind that my system looks different.


Download Links:

Linux Users: Find TestDisk in the package manager (verified: located in repo under ubuntu 11.04+ by myself)

STEP 1 – Download and unzip program using links listed above into a folder of your choice

STEP 2 – Open the file called “testdisk_win.exe”(on mac, it’s just named testdisk)

STEP 3 – Continue below:

Flash drive with deleted files:

Here’s my Flashdrive in “Computer”. Make sure your drive shows up and is accessible from your computer before continuing:

TestDisk will open up in a terminal. Once it does, highlight “Create a new log file” and press ENTER:

Highlight the device you are trying to recover deleted files from and press ENTER. In my case, this drive is called PNY USB 2.0 FD:

After that, you’ll see that TestDisk can work with plenty of different partition types. For this tutorial, highlight “Intel/PC partition” and press ENTER:

TestDisk is able to recover a formatted drive as well(tutorial for that will come later), but for now, highlight “Advanced – Filesystem Utils” and press ENTER:

TestDisk will now show the partitions on the drive you are trying to recover from. There would normally only be one. Highlight the partition and use your right-arrow key to select “Undelete” and press ENTER:

Files and folders in white are current files that are not deleted. Red files and folders are those that were deleted and can be recovered. Simply highlight the file you wish to recover and press the “C” key. If you wish to recover a whole folder, you may do that in the same way:

Once you press the “C” key on the file you wish to recover, you will be brought to this screen. Simply use the arrow keys to find the folder on your computer that you want to paste the recovered file to. Press ENTER to go into a folder. If you want to navigate out of a folder, highlight the option at the top that has 2 periods at the end of it to be brought back to a folder above:

Once you’ve found the folder you wish to copy the file to, simply press the “Y” key to paste, or the “N” key to cancel:

If the file/files/folder was recoverable, it will give you green text saying “Copy done!“.

That’s pretty much all there is to it! I’ll be posting another tutorial on how to un-format a drive. Hope this was useful to everyone. If you have any ideas for other computer tutorials that you think are in high demand and are unable to find one for it, just comment below with your idea.

Note: I’m not part of the TestDisk project. Therefore, I do not offer technical support. Use my tutorial to learn to un-delete files only after having gotten the program running on your own.

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An Intro to my Blog

Hello minions! I am the one known as IntriguingJoe.

A bit about myself

I’m a clever guy who does it all. I am an inventor, composer, photographer, artist, repair man, and self-taught electrician. I’m a versatile guy who constantly has new ideas and innovating approaches to everything from simple to complex. I study nutrition, religion, science, stupidity, and more. I thoroughly investigate everything I approach and will always tell it like I see it. If possible, I’ll always post sources.

What will I be publishing here?

Anything I feel like.

But on a more serious note, here are some examples:

1. Simple solutions to common problems.

Relating to electronics, computers, people, or anything I feel like.

2. Random things of interest.

Such as things that don’t make any fucking sense, funny things, stupid people, how to make things from simple supplies, and how random shit works for those curious.

3. Reviews of companies, services, products, and experiences.

Such as my experience with customer services, company stuff, products like things I’ve purchased, and random technology updates.

4. Photography

I plan on doing quite a few tutorials and how-to stuff about things that need to be on the internet. I intend on using plenty of photos where possible to make things interesting. That’s it for the intro. Check back for something interesting?

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